Head Scarf

Head Scarf

The head scarf? How do people feel about these? 
I have never been 100% sure on them. Maybe its because of my hair style, or which colours compliment different people? But they have always seemed quite difficult! I have tons and tons of lovely patterned scarves that I wear with all kinds of outfits, but I have never been sure on the way to wear them round your head. In the pictures below this is actually a ribbon, I feel that the shape of it is much easier to manage and I love floral on anything! I wear a lot of autumnal colours and also seem to find gorgeous reds or blues in my favourite scarf designs and would love to be able to pull off the head scarf look. Many of my all time favourite bloggers wear them to complete their stunning outfits or even just with something simple to add a dash of colour or design and I really think it makes a difference. Does anyone have any tips for the perfect way to tie a ribbon or scarf around your head? Or what are your opinions to the delights of wearing a head scarf?


daisychain said...

you look gorgeous xo

LillianZahra said...

You look gorgeous, I really like wearing headscarfs but don't wear them often enough! x

Jessica Roseanne Latchman said...

Thanks for commenting my blog! I love a headscarf and if I'm feeling brave a turban :) xx


Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

You look lovely.
I have the same problem with headscarves too, slipping down and messing up etc...so now I get the ones with shape-able wire inside and they are so easy to wear. they don't move around or slip and look great!

Gems x

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Unknown said...

It really suits you, you should wear it more! :)

Paper Moon said...

i think it looks great on you. and the print is so pretty too xx

emi said...

you are darling! not everyone can pull those off, but you can! xo

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