Clashing Time Talks V Festival 2014

Clashing Time Talks V Festival 2014

Hey Everyone!
Recently I went to V festival with a few friends and had the time of my life, so much fun!
Did any of you go? Wasn't Justin Timberlake amazingggggg? And Ed Sheeran? Such a good line up.
We managed to get a really good tent space and turned up early enough so we didn't have to run and barge people out the way to get a place to park our tent up. It meant we only had to walk a tiny bit to get to see all the best acts and we definitely made the most of that. The atmosphere at V Festival is so chilled out and although it is a pop festival, I feel as if the line up gets more and more diverse as the years go on. The friends I went with this year are from Manchester so next year I'm definitely going to try the northern V Festival out to see the difference of atmosphere! Looking forward to getting all my new festival outfits and hearing about the acts next year already!
CT x

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Anonymous said...

Didn't go to v but used to go to Glasto many moons ago..

Enjoyed your video clip!

Well done...

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